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2014 Carnival News

21.12.14 Matariki Moetara represented Manaia Swim Club at the Auckland Age Group Invitational in late December. Matariki swam a PB in 50 Fly & just off her PBs for 50 Breast & Backstroke, capping off the weekend with close to 2sec improvement in her 100 Breaststroke time.

13.12.14 The North turned on a drizzly wet day for the Dargaville carnival (and Xmas in the park) this year. Despite this, Nellie Clark swam a PB in 50m Freestyle & tackled 100m Breaststroke for the first time, rounding off a busy week. Well done, Nellie.

29.11.14 Five hardy Manaia swimmers took on the Te Kopuru carnival - the first carnival of the season in Dargaville's 50m pool. Given the outdooredness of the pool, wind and air temperature can affect performance, with mixed results - swimmers could have benefited from an extra mince pie for breakfast (no, not really; well, maybe). Nevertheless, it's worthwhile getting experience in the 50m pool in anticipation of Northland Age Group Champs coming up in January.

A few performances of mention:

  • Congratulations, Jaedyn, for a first time for 100m Backstroke;
  • Matariki held her own with a split (.5s) PB in 100m Fly - just splits off the Auckland qualifying time;
  • Natalie shows consistent improvement in her breaststroke times, taking over 4s off her 100m Breaststroke time;

Thanks to all parents for helping out with official duties at this meet, & Ramona as always.

15.11.14 The November Swim Fest, jointly hosted by Manaia and Kamo Swim Clubs, was a fantastic showcase of the spirit of Manaia Swim Club, with 32 keen swimmers competing on the day, several competing for the first time and many taking on new events. See a summary of results. Bragging rights go to Jayden Maugham for a massive 31sec PB in his 200 Freestyle event, plus some other very good PBs over the day.

Thanks to Ramona and Jay for coaching, and to all parents who helped out as officials, marshals, timekeepers, control room staff, team captain, caterers, cleaners, drivers, BBQ chefs, raffle & programme sales and team wranglers. It was a huge team effort and great to see the club spirit pulling together to ensure the carnival ran smoothly, leaving swimmers to focus on the swimming!

Much appreciation to our relay sponsors: Swimspiration, Mill Rd Vets, Wrack Autos, and other sponsors New World Regent and ITM.

1.11.14 All Manaia swimmers achieved good results at the WASC Carnival in Whangarei:

  • Welcome to Nellie Clark, swimming for Manaia for the first time and achieving her first times in 3 strokes,
  • Good racing from Emily Duncan, with PBs in all races and two 100m swims tackled for the first time,
  • Gemma Brock swam well with 3 PBs of over 1.5 secs; and Natalie Scott improved on her 50m Breaststroke time by 2s;
  • Jack Haverkort took 3s off his 100m Breast time; Ross tackled his 25s again, achieving a 2s PB in his Breaststroke swim;
  • Bree achieved some excellent PBs with -14s off 400m Free and -16s off her 200IM;
  • Ira took 2sec off his 50 Free time and is a hair off the Auckland champs qualifying time; nice one Ira;
  • Congratulations to Leah Selkirk, who swam within splits of her best 50m Backstroke time and fast enough to qualify her for Auckland champs in that event; a superb result after awhile out of the competition

19.10.2014 Five swimmers attended the BOI Keri Refrigeration Swim Meet in Kawakawa.

  • Jaedyn Goodhew donned the green hat for the first time, and despite a few speed bumps, improved his 100 Free time by 6 seconds.
  • Jack produced some nice PBs in 50 Free & 100 Breast, & congratulations to Ross for swimming 25 Breaststroke for the first time.
  • Nicole made a cameo appearance for a couple of 200M swims before disappearing to Surf Lifesaving (waterbaby much!),
  • and Matariki delivered some split PBs in backstroke & breaststroke, moving 50 Back into her lineup for Auckland champs later in the year.

Thanks to parents who assisted/trained in official duties, and to Roger for taking on the job of team manager on the day.

21.09.2014 The BOI Spring Carnival is a 3-day event. All eight Manaia swimmers achieved success with PBs and placings.

BOI medals
  • Emily Duncan: all PBs & 4th place in 12yrs 100Back;
  • Jack Haverkort; all PBs, 1st in 10yr 25Breast, & first swim 25Fly;
  • Ross Haverkort; congratulations for great first swims: 1st in 8yrs 25Back and 2nd in 25Free;
  • Matariki Moetara: 2 Golds & a Silver for her breaststroke events, Bronze for 13yrs 50Fly and a strong first time for 100 Backstroke - happy days!
  • Louis Poot: 1sts & 2nd for all his 25m sprints and Bronze for 14yrs 50 Breaststroke;
  • Natalie Scott: congratulations for first times for 50 Free & Breast, including a top 5 placing for 12yrs 50 Breaststroke;
  • Ellinor Whittam: 8sec PB for 50Free and a beautiful first swim and top 5 placing for 9&U 100 Breaststroke;
  • Nicole Wrack: 3rd place for all her 25m sprints, Gold & PB time for 16&over 200 Breaststroke & 3 Bronze medals in a busy afternoon's swimming.

Thanks to Ramona and officials for helping out over the long weekend.

10.08.2014  Four Manaia swimmers attended the Swimming Northland Winter Meet on Sunday.  All swimmers achieved PBs and/or times for first swims.  Highlights:
  • Jack Haverkort started his season off well, swimming 3 PBs including deducting 4s off his 50 Breast time, and achieving a first time for 100 Free;
  • Gemma McRae swam beautifully in her first ever carnival, achieving first times for two of her three 50m events;
  • Matariki took 2 seconds off her 100Fly time;
  • Nicole swam a strong 200 Back race; PBing by 5 seconds.

Thanks to Ramona, officials and parents for supporting our swimmers this weekend.

27.07.2014  An all girls contingent of 5 swimmers started their 2014 swim season at FlyBusters' New Season Carnival in Kawakawa.

All swimmers achieved PBs.  Congratulations to Emily Adams, Isla Adams & Ellinor Whittam who all extended themselves and gained first times for new events.

Swim Season 2013-14

Rising Stars 2014

02.03.2014   Northland's Rising Stars; carnival is always loads of fun. As the last Northland fixture for the season, it's an opportunity for swimmers who have been training hard all summer to thrash it out for medalled placings.

Nineteen Manaia swimmers competed in 128 events over the three-day carnival; 70% of swims were PBs; and 3 Rising Stars records were broken.  It's wonderful to see how much swimmers have improved over the season, with everyone achieving PB times & many swimmers taking on new events.

Rising Stars 2014
Some of Manaia's Rising Stars.

Swimmer highlights were:
  • Nicole Wrack: A successful campaign with numerous PBs. Golds in 50 and 100 breaststroke, Silvers in 50 and 100 backstroke100IM (incl 7s PB) and 100 fly breaking a 5 year record; Bronze in 50 fly;
  • Madeline Whittam: Silver for 50 breaststroke and 50 fly; Bronze in 50 backstroke and 50 freestyle, and 2s PB in 100 IM;
  • Camryn and Brooke Senescall: both girls racing for the first time & achieving registered times for 50 breaststroke & freestyle;
  • Josie Selkirk: A long list of achievements including 3 Gold medals, 4 Silvers and a Bronze, achieving a 6s PB in her 100 IM win.
  • Aimee-Leigh Scott: Some great PBs delivering Gold with a 7s PB in 50 breaststroke, qualifying her for the Northern Zone meet later in the month; 6s PB in 50 freestyle; and 9s PB in 100 breaststroke;
  • Tatiana Peita: 3s PB in 50 breaststroke and a whopping 14s PB in 50 freestyle;
  • Skye Martinac: Silver in 50 backstroke; Bronze in 50 fly; and 4s PB in 100 freestyle;
  • Ira Martinac: A very successful competition with Silver in both 50 freestyle and 50 breaststroke; Bronze for his first swim 100 breaststroke; Bronze with 10s PB for 100 freestyle and a PB for 50 fly;
  • Bree Martinac: Bronze and silver for 100 & 50 breaststroke respectively;
  • Adyn Jones: First times for 50 backstroke & 100 freestyle
  • Jack Haverkort: 3s PB 50 freestyle and a first time for 100 breaststroke
  • Sam Harvey: First time swim for 25 freestyle & 9&U relay
  • Emily Duncan: 3s PB in 50 backstroke & 50 freestyle
  • Gemma Brock: 6 personal bests including 7s off her 100 breaststroke time;
  • Ellie Brock: First time 25 fly swim; plus PBs in 25 back & freestyle;
  • Katie Barnes: First times for 50 back, breaststroke, freestyle & 100 breaststroke;
  • Isla Adams: First time 100 breaststroke; and a whopping 15s PB in 100 backstroke;
  • Hannah Adams: 3.5s improvement in her 25 freestyle time;
  • Emily Adams: strong PBs in all strokes including a 7s PB in her 25 breaststroke time.

The 14&over relay team claimed Silver (including 3 swimmers who swam ‘up’).  And last but not least, a long-fought-for Gold medal for the Manaia parents’ relay team.

Plus bonus swimmer cred for wearing skins, courtesy of competition swimwear supplier:
Swimspiration logo

NZ Juniors 2014

Matariki Juniors 201416.02.2014 This weekend Matariki Moetara competed in the NZ Junior Champs in Wellington.

Matariki qualified for 4 events, plus was selected to swim in two relay events for Northland.

Despite rolling her ankle on Thursday at school (sidenote: argh!!!) Matariki swam through: her 50m breaststroke and 50m fly were within splits of her personal best time and she achieved a 2s PB in her 200m breaststroke swim.

Well done Matariki for representing Manaia Surf and Swim Club at this national event.

1.02.2014 The Bream Bay carnival is a good opportunity for emerging swimmers to test their water wings, and this year Manaia had 2 new swimmers competing in their first ever races and 3 seven year olds. 
Results were a mixed bag, with the following standouts:
  • Gemma Brock swam 4 PBs showing improvement in a range of strokes.  Ellie Brock also PBd in 2 of 3 races, including 6s off her 50 Breaststroke time.
  • Bree Martinac is steadily chipping away at her times, shaving 1.5s off her 50 Free time, and Josie Selkirk is doing the same, taking splits off her 50 Back & 100 Free times;
  • Like a champion, Madeline Whittam (10) opted to swim all 200s in this carnival, achieving a 10s PB in 200 Breaststroke and 4.5s off her 200 Freestyle time, plus registered times for 200 Back & 200 IM;
  • Of the three 7-yearolds swimming, congratulations to Hannah Adams for her first times for 25 Free and 25 Back.  Kahu Moetara PBd on her 25 Free time and Ellinor Whittam was rewarded for her hard training with an awesome 11s PB in 25 Free, 5s PB in 25 Back and a good time for her first ever 25 Breaststroke race.  Well done, squidlies!

Thanks to Ramona, officiating IOT/timekeepers and Darren as team manager for the day.

Northland Age Group Champs 2014
Age Groups squad 2014
Manaia swimmers at the 2014 Northland Age Group championships, with honorary United member, Dillon.
Check out the new hoodies!
19.01.2014  Dargaville turned on the weather for a full-on weekend of racing at Northland Age Groups in January.  Ten Manaia swimmers competed in this championship northland event, with all swimmers achieving personal best times over the weekend.  Swimmer highlights below:
  • Ellie Brock swam strongly over the weekend and knocked 10 seconds off her 50 Breast time to win a silver medal for that event;
  • Gemma Brock PBd in every single race, placing 2nd in the 100 Fly preliminaries and winning a Bronze in 50 Back;
  • Bree Martinac achieved 5 PB swims over the weekend and takes home a Gold medal for 200 Breast, 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals;
  • Ira Martinac's hard work at training showed through as he PBd in all his races, and shaved 4.5 seconds off his 50 breaststroke time;
  • Skye Martinac PBd in 2 of his 3 races, and made it to the 100 Backstroke final, achieving a 3 second PB for that event;
  • Tyler Maugham had an outstanding weekend, winning all 10 of his races with PBs to boot, and bringing home 7 Gold medals for finals.  Tyler capped the weekend by qualifying in 50 Freestyle with a NZ Juniors time and a mention in the Advocate as the top male swimmer in his age group.  Congratulations Tyler!
  • Matariki Moetara swam 4 PBs over the weekend and although she was pipped at the post for the Gold for 50 Breast, she won Gold for 100 Breast and takes home bronze medals for other Breaststroke & Fly events;
  • Josie Selkirk contends with massive competition in her age group nevertheless swam 3 PBs over the weekend, improving her 100 & 200m Freestyle times by at least 2 seconds;
  • Madeline Whittam swam 5 PBs in the weekend, making all the finals in her 100m events and taking home 4 Bronze medals plus other placings.  Nice swimming, Maddy.
  • Nicole Wrack swam 7 PBs, making all the finals in her events and winning a Silver for 50 Breast, a Bronze for 100 Fly and numerous placings.  Nicole PBd by 5 seconds in 100 Free and took at least a second off most of her 50 races.
Congratulation swimmers, it's fantastic to see all your hard work over summer showing up in your times.  See the photo album on facebook for weekend snaps.

8.12.2013 Josie Selkirk represented Manaia Swim Club at the Auckland Age Groups over the weekend.

Josie had an excellent 50 freestyle swim, improving on her long course time from the previous week by 2 seconds and gaining over a second PB overall;

Josie also swam in 50 and 100 backstroke events and PBd by a second in 50 backstroke.  Great swimming, Josie.

7.12.2103     Manaia swimmers take on the State NZ Ocean Swim in Paihia's Bay of Island Classic.


  • Jayden Maugham & Matariki Moetara swam the Step It Up 1km course.  The event was made more difficult by the outgoing tide pulling swimmers offcourse, but our guys were near the front of the pack and didn't suffer as much as the tide picked up throughout the event.  Jayden was 6th out of the water out of 88 swimmers, completing the course in an amazing 17.11 minutes, and placing 2nd in his division (under/14yrs male).  Matariki enjoyed her first ocean swim and came in 4th in her division (under/14 yrs female).
  • Tyler Maugham & Isla Adams both swam in the 300m Give it a Go event.  Tyler (10yrs) also placed 2nd in under/14yrs male and Isla came in just over a minute later and 10th in under/14yrs female.

Nicole Wrack gave up her day to be a lifeguard for the event with the Whangarei Heads Surf Lifesaving Club.

Smiles all round!  Congratulations everyone.

30.11.2013 The day of Te Kopuru's carnival wasn't the worst weather seen in Dargaville, but the strong westerly wind certainly provided an extra  challenge for swimmers overall.  For most swimmers, this was the first event of the season in a 50m pool, and one of the few lead-up events to  Northland Age Groups in mid-January.
  • Josie Selkirk was Swimmer of the Day today.  Josie took on an ambitious 7 swims at the carnival and despite the conditions, achieved 2 PBs: taking over a second off her 100 freestyle time; 5 seconds off her 200 backstroke time; and placing 2nd overall in 50 back.  Great warmup for Auckland Age Groups, Josie.
  • Matariki placed 3rd equal in 50 breaststroke;
  • Bree placed 3rd overall in 200 breaststroke;
  • Nicole and Matariki both took on new 200m events this weekend; well done girls.

Thanks to Ramona, Leah (team manager for the day), and officials for holding the marquees down against the wind :).

Gold at Auckland Junior Invitational 2013

Caitlin Auck Juniors Caitlin Ahlers wins 1st place in 50m Fly at the Auckland Junior Invitational meet 2013.

Caitlin knocked a second off her already sharp time to take the Gold for 50 Fly in her age group.
Ramona Hellesoe and Caitlin Ahlers at Auckland Juniors

23.11.2013 Manaia had a very successful weekend at Auckland Juniors over 23-24 November.  Auckland Juniors/Age Groups are important events for our swimmers as they provide valuable race experience amongst top competitors, and it's often the first opportunity for Northland swimmers to compete in a 50m pool for the season.
  • Madeline Whittam, 10yrs, represented Manaia for the first time in an out-of-region event.  Madeline had 2 swims and improved her long course times from the beginning of the year for 50 freestyle (-1sec) and 100 backstroke (-3.5secs).
  • Despite being a bit under the weather, Caitlin Ahlers delivered a medal-winning effort, PBing in all 5 of her races including shaving over a second off her 50 freestyle time to place 4th in her age group, & becoming within a hair of qualifying in this event for NZ Juniors.  To top off the weekend, Caitlin PBd by a second and won a GOLD medal (the best kind) for first in 50 Fly.
  • Matariki Moetara improved all of her long course times, PBing in 50 backstroke and taking a second off 50 Fly to make the NZ Juniors qualifying time for this event.

Congratulations to swimmers.  Many thanks to coach Ramona, who gave up her weekend and morning sleep-ins to coach our swimmers, and to the parents for driving, feeding & cheering, as always.

Kahu at start16.11.2013 "A small but focused contingent of Manaia swimmers attended the KASC carnival in Kawakawa on Saturday.
  • This was Emily Duncan's third carnival.  While she didn't surpass her best times from the Manaia carnival, it's good to see her gaining race experience, and improving over 1.5 seconds on her 50 Free time from October.
  • Gemma Brock swam well and PBd in both her backstroke swims;
  • Congratulations to Bree, Ira and Skye who all took on new events at this carnival, and now have registered times for those events.  Bree was determined not to be outdone by Skye in 50 backstroke, and went on to PB 5.5 seconds (sidenote - even though she had a good ol' look around at other swimmers before commencing her turn; ahem);
  • Little Kahu, who at 6 years old was the youngest swimmer at the meet, smoked her 50 free time with a 6 second PB, including a rather exciting pike dive at the start;
  • Josie Selkirk achieved 4 PBs: taking almost 4 seconds off 100 breaststroke, and almost 3 seconds off 100 backstroke - adding the latter to her programme for Auckland Age Groups.  Congratulations Josie.
  • Matariki Moetara took splits off her 50 backstroke time to include this event in her programme for Auckland Juniors this weekend.  She's also bumped 200 breaststroke into her qualified events for NZ Juniors.  Well done, Matariki.

Thanks to officials, team manager and supporters (cheerleaders, drivers food prep) for helping our swimmers focus on doing their best.

19.10.2013 The BOI Lion's Carnival was another sunny day in Kawakawa, with some good PBs:
  • Izzy Wrack did particularly well, PBing all 3 of her races and achieving over 6 seconds PB in both her breaststroke events;
  • Matariki & Josie raced 100 fly head to head - Matariki doing this event for the first time and Josie knocking almost 8 seconds off her time - competition is good!
  • Nicole Wrack tackled a 400IM for the first time and achieved a strong time,this after taking almost 4 seconds off her 200IM time earlier in the day.
  • Louis Poot swam a nice 100 breaststroke race, banking over 6.5 seconds off his PB time.

There were a few DQs for wobbly starts; we will focus on stabilising our starts in training.

21.09.2013 Manaia held their annual Swim Fest Carnival on 21 September in Kawakawa. It was great to see all Manaia swimmers achieving personal best times on the day.

The boys did some good swims at this carnival.  Floyd was second placed for 50m fly and swam over a second PB.  This was Louis' inaugural swim under the Manaia banner and he delivered a strong effort with PB times, including a 9 sec PB in 100m freestyle.  Skye swam really well in his first ever 50m breaststroke.  Last but not least, our little pocket rocket Tyler, swam like a champion, especially in the 10 and under relay.

The girls put in a great effort as always, and the combined (boys & girls) 13&under medley relay team took out the top relay prize, pocketing a cash prize for the school holidays.  Sweeeeet!!

23.08.2013 Three Manaia swimmers competed in WASC's Swim Zone: Bree, Nicole and Madeline.  All swimmers were required to swim a 400m race at this event.  Congratulations to all three swimmers; all improved (PB'd) on their timed swims from Wednesday's training.

These quick competitions may become a regular fixture and are a good opportunity for up and coming Div II swimmers to improve their sprint times.

13.08.2013 Manaia fronted an all-girls team at Swimming Northland’s Winter Meet on Sunday.

All swimmers achieved at least one PB time during this meet.  Go the girls! 
  • It was fantastic to see Leah Selkirk back in the pool, after a major back operation at the beginning of the year. Leah swam a beautiful 50m breaststroke, in a PB time. 
  • Josie Selkirk pulled a superb 5 sec PB on her 100m breaststroke. 
  • Matariki Moetara swam well at this carnival; qualifying for New Zealand Juniors in her first race (50m breaststroke), which set her up well to PB in several other events.  Congratulations, Matariki. 
  • Caitlin Ahlers swam 50m backstroke for the first time this season, also doing a personal best time, and coming within splits of qualifying for Auckland Juniors for this event. 

Once again, thanks to Ramona (coach), Stu (official) and parents for supporting swimmers this weekend.

28.05.2013 Manaia entered six swimmers in the Bay of Islands' New Season carnival on 28 May, the first meet of the season.
  • Emily Adams swam really well for her first competition, competing in 25m back and completing her 25m freestyle race in under 30 seconds.  Congratulations Emily.
  • Isla Adams also swam well, achieving close to a 7 second personal best (PB) for her 50m freestyle race.
  • Caitlin Ahlers was swimming on form; her butterfly was a pleasure to watch as always.  Caitlin shaved almost 2 seconds off her 50m breaststroke PB and has improved her freestyle technique to also gain splits on her 100m freestyle time.
  • Matariki Moetara had a good day, achieving four PB times over five swims.  Matariki’s 50m breaststroke was especially strong with over a one sec PB bringing her close to the national qualifying time for that event.  She also gained a 3 second PB on her first 200m swim of the season (breaststroke).
  • Josie Selkirk swam a beautiful 50m breaststroke, also with a one second PB time.  Josie’s breaststroke turn was one of the best in the carnival, with one of the carnival officials commenting that the Manaia swimmers were doing some of the best turns of the meet.
  • Floyd Chadwick has recently joined Manaia from Doubtless Bay swimming club.  Floyd’s butterfly is always beautiful to watch – he swam his 100m Individual Medley (IM) fly with only one breath and about four breaths for his 200m IM fly.  In addition, he bagged a 2 second PB in his backstroke.  Welcome Floyd!

Thanks to Ramona and to Manaia parents for supporting swimmers and assisting with official duties.

A focus for the next carnival will be to ensure swimmers are hydrated and fueled to swim at their best!  Remember, dehydration can adversely affect performance by up to 20% - and it’s easy to deal to that by keeping your water topped up before, during & after the event.