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Club Membership

*** Contact Corinne Scott for more information ***

How to join Manaia Swim Club

Membership applications are considered by the Manaia committee members. Swimmer ability will be assessed by the head coach to ensure a good fit with squad training. Swimmers may join in up to 2 complementary swim training sessions, on arrangement, to see if Manaia Swim Club is a good fit for you. Please contact us to arrange an assessment or to trial a session. (pool entry fees applies)

When the head coach has assessed your child's swimming ability and you are ready to join the club, please download and complete the membership form, and send it to

Being a member of Manaia Swim Club

Our volunteer coaches provide expert guidance on skill, technique and attitude towards training with a strong focus on achievement and improvement. Expectations are that swimmers will train at least twice a week in order to compete confidently. Swimmers are expected to compete in at least 2 carnivals per season, including our own Manaia Swim Fest in Oct/Nov each year.

Club whanau are expected to participate in the running of the club. Every family should have at least one trained official to assist with carnival duties, such as timekeeping.  In particular we rely on parental support during summer training at Boys High, as pool lifeguards are not supplied.


Annual registration fee: There is an annual fee for membership, set at each AGM, which supports the payment of association fees to Swimming NZ and Swimming Northland, and contributes to club running expenses. These fees are due in July each year and apply to the July-June swimming season.

Term fees: In addition, swimmers pay term fees for each term in which they train, no matter the frequency of their attendance, to assist with training expenses. The club proactively fundraises to help keep these costs to a minimum.

Members: please pay fees into Manaia's account, referencing swimmer name and reason for payment.

Congratulations and thanks to committee members confirmed at the 2018 AGM, key positions are held by:

  President: Shelley Childs
  Secretary: Sally Muegge
  Treasurer: Karen Duncan
  Coach: Ramona Hellesoe
  Communications: Corinne Scott 
  Carnival secretary: Robyn Grindle
  Health & Safety: Edan Craig

Manaia Amateur Surf and Swim club is a non-profit, registered incorporated society.

2014 committee

The 2014 committee, from right: Pip Brock, Vanessa Hall, Dallas Wrack, Karen Duncan, Bruce Maugham, Huria Heperi, Ramona Hellesoe

Swimming NZ provide an excellent handbook to introduce parents to the world of competitive swimming.



Members should familiarise themselves with the following policies:
SNZ Member Protection Policy (Draft), including guidelines on photography at swim meets
SNZ Code of Conduct